Audrey Nion

Audrey Nion


Born in Lyon in 1979. Audrey Nion is a choreographer and teacher with a State Diploma at the National School of Music, Dance and Theatre of Villeurbanne and at the University of Lyon 2. For 15 years, she has been developing a unique didactic approach combining her knowledge of African dances, contemporary dance and Body Mind Centering.

Passionate about what the bodies tell us, Audrey likes to involve the participants in choreographic projects that encourage the discovery of themselves and their potential, the ability to engage in movement, in space, in the relationship with others, and the inclusion in a community where everyone has a role to play.Sensitive to the musicality of movement, she enjoys working in collaboration with live music.

She also works as a dancer and/or as a director in inclusive artistic projects, bringing together professional performing artists and artists with intellectual disabilities.

These experiences have allowed her to become better acquainted with the world of disability and to develop a capacity to listen and to bounce back, humanly and artistically, from what emerges in the present, sometimes in an ephemeral way.