Wild land

Liceo Chateaubriand, Rome, Italy
Resident artist: Justine Verneret

The artist-intervenor led weekly workshops of photography and drawing, at the Chateaubriand high school in Rome.

During these workshops, the image was used as a tool to support interaction.
This artistic medium made possible the achievement of the following objectives:

  • To create links between the artist, the teacher and the group of students.
  • To put the pupils in a position to take on the role of actors through the production of a series of images and the realization of an exhibition in a stimulating and rewarding environment.
  • To provide each pupil with a cultural enrichment through the construction of new structured knowledge, generated by meetings and practice moments. (Projection of images on a board)
  • To engage each pupil in the conception of a coherent multidisciplinary artistic creation (photography, drawing, collage, assemblage, sculpture).
  • To allow this experience to be shared with other students in the school, through an intramural event.