Collège Charles Senard, Caluire-et-Cuire, France
Resident artist: Justine Verneret

« Once upon a time there was a visual crossbreeding. The ink from China and collage as medium of creation. Once upon a time there were words and images, images that create journeys… setting for stories. »

Justine Verneret led an artistic and cultural workshop on “Photography and Visual Arts” for two hours a week, during a whole school year. This workshop was intended in particular for the pupils of the UPI (Pedagogical Integration Unit), a programme for teenagers with disabilities, supervised by Nathalie Rif.


The Tree of Love

« One day, when I was walking in a park, I tripped over a tree. Not a bare tree, but a green tree, the most beautiful green in the world. It was big, beautiful, imposing and had pink and blue flowers. I saw a boy and a girl reading a book under the tree, and all of a sudden, they fell in love. I decided to go there every day, and every day I saw a boy and a girl fall in love. So, I called it the Lovers’ Tree. One day it fell ill. We looked for remedies to cure it but couldn’t find any. We tried to find people who could help the tree. We called three people. The first was a tree singer. He tried his singing, but it had no effect on the tree. The second one put dirt on it. . That didn’t work either. Finally, the third one touched it and said: « He is in love, we must plant the tree he loves next to him ». So, we found the tree’s lover and suddenly it took shape again. Its branches straightened, its leaves shone again.

Some time later, there were many small seeds. »